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I am a 17 year old sports wiz from Redding California. I have been studying and talking about sports since I was a little kid, and I have accomplished many things since that time, such as appearing on my local TV and radio stations numerous times for all things sports related. I have recently spent a lot time announcing sports game locally, primarily for my school’s (Go U-Prep!) basketball team, along with its Varsity football team before I decided to play for them myself. However, my biggest accomplishments thus far had to have first come in 2012, when, 3 days before the season had even started, I went on the radio and predicted the 49ers and Ravens meeting in the Super Bowl, with the Ravens winning. My prediction came true, and I even ended up getting the point spread  for the game (3) correct.  Then, the next year, again before the season had even started, I predicted the Seahawks and Broncos to meet in Super Bowl 48, with the Seahawks and their dominant defense taking home the title. Once again, I was correct, albeit while being very far off on the score (I thought the ‘Hawks would win by only 6, not 40). Either way, getting the Super Bowl correct not one but two years in a row is something to brag about, hence the reason I included it in here!

My dream has always been to make it big as a sportscaster (can you say SportsCenter?) and I am consistently thriving to make myself better each day in the broadcasting world in hopes of achieving my goal!


Thanks to all who read my website, I hope you enjoy!

- Sincerely,

Sam “The Voice” Chimenti


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