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Published on February 1st, 2015 | by Sam Chimenti


Patriots vs. Seahawks: Super Bowl Prediction

Well, for the first time in two years, my Super Bowl prediction at the beginning of the season didn’t pan out. The Cardinals made it to the playoffs despite 40-1 odds, but couldn’t go any farther thanks to the injuries that riddled their otherwise very talented team, with QB taking the major hit. No team’s 3rd string QB is good; Ryan Lindley was Arizona’s 4th string. Enough said there. As for the Broncos, well I think just about everybody overestimated how good they were. Their defensive acquisitions did make them better on that side of the ball, but their offense (yes their offense) struggled mightily down the stretch as the wear and tear of playing 17 long grueling seasons in the NFL finally caught up to Peyton Manning, and the Broncos were bounced in the Divisional Round by his old team, the Colts, led by the man who replaced him as QB, the young and gifted Andrew Luck.

But enough with the excuses for my botched Super Bowl pick, it’s time to talk about the game that will actually be happening, today, between the top team in the AFC this year, the New England Patriots, and the top team in the NFC this year and the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks. Turns out if I had decided to go once again with the top 2 teams in each conference like I did last year, I might have gotten this Super Bowl prediction right too. But I had trouble believing the Seahawks could make it back again, but boy did they prove me wrong. Both teams come into this game having had impressive wins back, two weeks ago, in the Championship games. The Patriots (deflategate aside) absolutely pummeled Indianapolis at home to make it to there 6th Super Bowl appearance since Bill Belichick hopped on board as head coach, and the unathletic and out of shape Tom Brady took over at QB and showed the world he was truly something special. On the other side, the Seahawks come into the big game having overcome a 16 point deficit at home against the Packers and, thanks to some luck and bad special teams by Green Bay, beat the Cheeseheads 28-22 to make it to their second straight Super Bowl. So, needless to say, both teams have confidence going into today’s match. But of course there has to be a winner in the end, and I’m predicting the Seahawks once again to win it all. Why? Well, for one they won the Lombardi trophy just last year with almost the same exact group of guys. They have a swagger that cannot be denied. They have a coach who makes everyone on the team, including himself, believe they can win. They have a little QB that’s proven he can do the incredible, and a RB who’s proven he can’t be stopped (and who doesn’t want to be fined, but that’s a different story). And lastly, and probably most importantly, they have a defense that was once again  the best in the league and has an abundance of talent all around. And what is it that wins championships? Defense. Defense wins championships. The Seahawks proved that last year when they held the leagues most prolific offense and possibly the best offense of all time to 8 points. And they’re going to prove it again this year against Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and company.

- Seahawks 23, Patriots 17

(As long as the balls are properly inflated that is)


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