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Published on June 29th, 2013 | by Sam Chimenti


Winners and Losers of 2013 NBA Draft


Portland Trail Blazers: The Blazers were in desperate need of some bench players. As a matter of fact, lack of production off the bench cost the Blazers a chance at making the playoffs. However, with the additions of PG CJ McCollum (who gives the Blazers a dynamic backup to Lillard) SG Allen Crabbe (who seems to shoot well from anywhere on the court) and C Jeff Whitney (an experienced shot blocking and rebounding machine), the Blazers bench now goes from weakness, to bright spot. Well done Portland.

Sacramento Kings: New coach, new GM, new owner, and now, two new solid guards. Ben McLemore was easily the best prospect in this draft, and the Kings got a steal with him at number 7. A prolific shooter with tremendous athleticism, McLemore easily has the highest ceiling out of every prospect in this draft. And if he can just become a better ball handler, the way this kid shoots, we may have the next Ray Allen on our hands. As for Ray McCallum, well, lets just say that had he gone to a bigger school, his talent and potential would have led to his name being called much sooner. Futures looking pretty bright in Sactown nowadays…


Miami Heat: I consider not having a single draft pick a bad draft. And well the Heat could care less given the fact that they have won 2 of the 3 last NBA Finals, it still hurts given the high caliber players that could be on their way out in Miami.

Phoenix Suns: I like Alex Len, but the Suns don’t need a center. I love Marcin Gortat, he’s a great center and I don’t understand the fact that you just drafted another big man when you desperately need a scoring wing that can play defense. The Suns needed Victor Oladipo, and if I were them, I would have given up anything to get him. Instead, the Suns got themselves yet another big man, and an inexperienced guard in Archie Goodwin. Not a good first draft for new Suns head coach Jeff Hornacheck.



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